Antony Gormley and White Cube name Together as recipient of proceeds from new artwork

World-leading contemporary art gallery White Cube has launched an Antony Gormley charity edition to support mental health charities and food banks, and we’re delighted to say that Together for Mental Wellbeing has been named as one of the recipients of the proceeds.

White Cube and Antony Gormley released ‘Together’ (2020), a charity edition of 250, to coincide with UK Mental Health Awareness Week.

The piece is an image of community at a time when we are all experiencing isolation, and a representation of the reunions with loved ones that we all fervently hope may soon be possible.

The proceeds from ‘Together’ will go to Together for Mental Wellbeing and two other charities, One to One Project and The Trussell Trust, who are supporting people coping with the physical, financial and emotional consequences of the lockdown.

In describing the piece, Antony Gormley said:

“I made this image to support some of the charities doing heroic work during this pandemic, helping people in both body and mind. These open silhouettes suggest human spaces in space. They touch each other – the touch of others, so important to us, is denied during this time of isolation. This work was made as a single puddle of coffee. It runs through the bodies and, like blood, pools, coagulates and dries.”

“This time of enforced isolation has also been one of inspired and connected care: unity in separateness. Through the web from Torquay to Taipei we have become one mind, committed to each other’s well-being. Never before has the collective body of humankind been so conscious of its collective wellbeing. What we share through digital technology we can also feel through our common embodiment. We are part of a united system of life, we are together.”

Together for Mental Wellbeing’s Chief Executive, Linda Bryant, commented:

“We have been overwhelmed by the recognition of our work by Antony Gormley and White Cube through their incredible generosity in donating a share of the proceeds of Antony’s new artwork, ‘Together’ (2020).

Covid-19 and the impact of lockdown has impacted everyone across our charity – staff, volunteers and the people we work alongside, our the service users. We have had to learn new ways of connecting with each other, talking with each other and caring for each other.

This wonderful artwork depicting unity and togetherness has lifted our spirits and re-energised our efforts to build new communities of support and hope within Together, and within the places in which we live and work.”

Together for Mental Wellbeing is incredibly grateful to be named as a beneficiary for this new artwork.

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