Thank You from Ian, and Bipolar UK

“I was diagnosed with bipolar in 2018, and before then I had been diagnosed with anxiety and depression. Once I had my actual diagnosis and began looking at the symptoms of bipolar, I realized that in the past I had had some really bad manic and low phases.”

“Through the Bipolar UK website, I discovered a local support group in Leeds about a 30 minute drive away. In March 2019 I started attending the support group alongside my dad or mum, who are my primary carers.”

“I have found the support group very helpful, as it opened up my eyes to how others have dealt with the same diagnosis. It is is a great platform for getting advice – or for just talking about how you’re feeling to a group of people who know and understand what it’s like to live with bipolar.”

“I have used the Bipolar UK website and Facebook page a lot as well, and they have a very helpful guide for someone who is newly diagnosed – or even someone who’s had bipolar all their life, but needs some help.”

“Above all, the best advice I can give anyone with bipolar is to keep taking your medication and to always seek help when you feel you need it.”

You can visit www.bipolaruk.org.uk for more information about Bipolar UK’s work.

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